DeLaval FMC-IP Setup-tool

The DeLaval FMC-IP Setup-tool is used to easily configure your FMC-IP camera with the V300 VMS.

Make sure your camera manufacturing date is June 2016 or later.


  1. Download and install the “DeLaval FMC-IP Setup” from 
  2. Make sure the computer you are using is in the same local network as the camera you would like to configure.
  3. Open the DeLaval FMC-IP Setup application.
  4. Select the camera you would like to configure.
  5. Click on the “Apply V300 Video Settings”-button to set the video settings for V300.
  6. Click on the “Set Static IP Address”-button to set a fixed IP address.

(You can double click on the camera row to enter the camera web interface).