Scheduled Recording Function Update Information (PDF)
Software 2017-08-26

App Store

App name: DeLaval FMC IP

Google play

App name: DeLaval FMC IP

Firmware upgrade


Important! Please check the batch number or the current firmware version of your camera to select the correct firmware upgrade file below.

For European market (50 Hz – Article number 87472701)

Please start by identifying your camera version. You can either look for the batch number on the label on the reverse side of the camera cap or check what firmware you are currently using. After you have identified the version, consult the table below to find the right firmware upgrade file for your camera. At the bottom of this page you find a guide on how to upload the file to your camera.

Batch number:
Slide the cap forward and look for the POXXXX on the label.


Current firmware:
iPhone/Android app: Go to Setting / Advanced Setting / About Device / Version
PC software:  Go to Settings / Select Camera / Version

Download firmware file for newer versions:

Batch number PO3314 or greater
Current firmware 6.09 or greater
Upgrade to firmware Download firmware 6.61

Download firmware file for older versions:

Batch number PO3310 or less
Current firmware 6.01 or less
Upgrade to firmware Download firmware 6.38


For US market (60 Hz – Article number 87472702)

Please use this firmware for all cameras:

US (60Hz) Firmware FMC-IP1 version 6.61


Instructions for Firmware Upgrade (PDF)